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The Use of Force Connection

The Use of Force Connection: You and Your Partner By Jay Martinez In the life of a New Jersey law enforcement officer, the NJ State Attorney General’s Use of Force Policy is a very vital and severe topic. The Use of Force Policy is very restrictive, defined but yet interchangeable. Therefore, it needs to be … Read more…


Understanding Sexual Violence

Understanding Sexual Violence By Captain Donna Roman Hernandez (Ret.) “People who have not personally experienced victimization can never fully understand the painful reality and consequences of being a victim.” ~NJ Victims of Crime Compensation Board Sexual violence can never be tolerated or minimized. The profound and immense trauma victims live with can have a devastating … Read more…


Officers Health and Wellness

Officers Health and Wellness: A Few Tips on How to Combat Stress By Rafael Rosa Many officers across America are becoming physically and mentally sick. Recent studies on police wellness reveal that officers are suffering from all sorts of problems, ranging from general health degeneration and anxiety to domestic troubles and depression. We as a … Read more…


The Garrity Rule

The Garrity Rule: The Bullet Proof Vest to a Police Officer’s Career and Liberty By Robert A. Bianchi, Esq. The work of a law enforcement officer is hard and wrought with potential perils of criminal and civil liability for the work they do. One of the most basic and important issues that often get police … Read more…


Father Doesn’t Pull Any Punches

Father Doesn’t Pull Any Punches When it Comes to Showing the World the Sobering Reality of His Son’s Drug Addiction By George Beck It wasn’t supposed to happen like this. Mike Stollings, 41, is a good father who was a huge part of his son Jeramie’s life. They rode dirt bikes and ATVs together. They … Read more…


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