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By: Daniel Del Velle
August/Sept 2014 Issue
On June 7th NJ Blue Now sat down with Officer Dave
Cuozzo, who 6 months ago was diagnosed with a rare
condition known as Transverse Myelitis. It has left him
paralyzed and able to speak only in a very soft voice, but
he is fighting every day to regain his lost mobility. During
this interview he discusses his time on as an officer and
what it’s like living with a condition like this. But most of all,
he has a lot to teach us about patience, understanding
and respect.
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Camden Police Department, Hackensack Police, Atlantic City PD
Melvin Santiago

CLICK HERE to read
more or to support the
college/trust fund set
up for Detective
Santiago's brother
August 2014
Officer Melvin Santiago - Jersey City Police Department
Christopher Goodell

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more or to support the
scholarship set up in
honor of Officer Goodell.
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Officer Christopher Goodell - Waldwick NJ Police Department
NJ Cop Magazine Aug Sept 2014
Cover Story: Service & Sacrifice - Det. Santiage and Officer Goodell
Dec. Sgt. Toni Latario Warren County Prsecutors Office
New Jersey Narcotics Officers Association
Heel Pain:New Treatments That WORK!
By: Nicole Richardson
August/Sept 2014 Issue
Approximately nine percent of children are affected by
speech disorders and Ken Teets, in his growing years,
happened to be one of them. Now, as an officer with the
with a stigma that has followed him his whole life and what
he did to overcome it regardless of the naysayers who
stacked the odds against him to achieve his dreams.
The Growing Years
At five years old, it never occurred to Teets he may be a
little different until he reached
Speech Disorders, NJ Cops, Police Officers
By: Officer Eddie Molina
August/Sept 2014 Issue
Sometimes we look at our jobs and rarely think about the
facts, meanings and history behind many of the things we
do. Having an authoritative, law enforcing entity within a
society has been around for centuries. And over the
course of time, traditions,
Interesting Things In Law Enforcement - New Jersey
August/Sept 2014 Issue
This summer has seen rising community tensions in some
cities as the result of a few tragic deaths and assaults
involving law enforcement officers and members of the
public.  In June, a Nassau County police officer was arrest
of a 20 year-old during a traffic stop.  In July, the death of
Eric Garner in Staten Island during his arrest has been
Michael Hyatt
Legal - The reasonable use of force: A legal analysis Matthew Peluso
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New Jersey Police Magazine, How to become a cop in New Jersey
August/Sept 2014 Issue
Thirteen years ago, tragedy struck our homeland. Many
of us recall exactly where we were as the moments of the
attacks unfolded. In the space of two hours, we watched,
horrified, as both World Trade Center Towers collapsed,
the Pentagon burned, and United Airlines Flight 93
crashed in
We Thank Law
Enforcement For
Your Dedication
and Service
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Camden Police Department, Hackensack Police, Atlantic City PD
Sept. 12-14, 2014
On Friday, Sept. 12, the convention will offer free
admission to all  Fire Fighters, EMS , Police and Military
with credentials.  (Children 12 and under are always free.)
To celebrate our service men and women, Inked Out is
partnering with The Heroes Project, a non-profit
organization that works with veterans, soldiers, marines
and military families and communities to improve the care
and protection of heroes
Camden Police Department, Hackensack Police, Atlantic City PD
When Robin Williams was found dead in his home by his
personal assistant, he was internationally famous and still
a highly sought-after actor. Even in the furthest corners of
the world, Williams was a household name. Characters he
created were part of our cultural landscape, from Mork to
Patch Adams and beyond. Everybody loved Robin
Williams, so why would he kill himself?
Surely, there were other options? Right? He could have
Robin Williams
Sept 2014
Atlantic Uniform - Police Uniforms NJ
Camden Police Department, Hackensack Police, Atlantic City PD
Sept 2014
By Dr. Paul Klein
More Americans visit a foot and ankle specialist for
heel pain yearly than for any other foot complaint.
Why? It’s simple--we walk, run, stand, climb and
jump on a hard, unforgiving surface every day with
our feet taking the abuse. The heel strikes the
ground first and absorbs
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