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PBA 105 Tribute to NJ Corrections – Courtesy of Kareem Pritchett & his team

Cover Story

All Eyes on You By Daniel Del Valle, Kyle Macci, Esq., and George Beck In our modern world, officers are in a sense the new celebrities. Their every move is tracked, video recorded and quickly offered on social media and other outlets like YouTube. Sometimes the video goes viral and within minutes nearly every media … Read more…



The Importance of  Cross-Gender Supervision By Sgt. Anthony Gangi Primitive arguments against cross-gender supervision relate to an old-fashioned turn-key style of lock up, where no effort is made to prevent recidivism and interaction with the inmate population is limited. These arguments fail to recognize that corrections has evolved and rehabilitation is now the new focus. … Read more…


The Law

GIVING THANKS FOR AN OFTEN THANKLESS JOB: An Appreciation of Law Enforcement During A Difficult Time By Matthew A. Peluso, Esq. “If you think people are inherently good… get rid of the police for 24 hours – see what happens.” ~ Sylvester Stallone Times are particularly tough for law enforcement officers right now. It seems … Read more…



Social Media Challenge Sheds Pounds By Daniel Del Valle and George Beck “You just can’t beat the person who never gives up.” ~Babe Ruth What began as a challenge on social media soon turned into several astonishing trans-formations that proved all of us in law enforcement can better our overall health and fitness with the … Read more…


Remembrance – May 2015

Officer Thomas Gorman was a 14-year Port Authority Police veteran. He was appointed on February 9, 1987 and assigned to the PATH Command. Prior to joining the Port Authority, Officer Gorman was a firefighter for three years at the Bayonne Fire Department where his now-retired father, Edward Gorman, was a captain. On September 11, 2001 … Read more…


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