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Feature Story

Was their entire police career a sham? By PO Valerie Stetz (Ret.) Retired Rutgers Campus Police and University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey Police: Sergeants John Kotch 55, and Robert Dunsmuir, 48, are seeking justice. Both have an impeccable police ...
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American tourists to Cuba, Please be Careful. By Colonel Rick Fuentes, Superintendent, New Jersey State Police Our president is going to Cuba next week, the first official state visit by a seated president in more than 80 years. This visit surely will be ...
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legal news

Legal News

Hulk Hogan and Police Officers What do they have in Common? By Robert (Bob) Bianchi, Esq. As a national TV legal analyst, I am often asked to comment on all types of interesting cases. Recently on Fox News, I was asked to comment ...
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Tactical Mindset

A Tactical Consideration: Applying the Principles 
of the L-Shaped Ambush By Keith Bott Law enforcement agencies share many commonalities with America’s military. For one, both have a core mission that attempts to address unwanted behavior perpetrated against the government and its citizens ...
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Sgt. James Ralph Fassnacht By Joe Uliano If we applied a name to the meaning of perseverance, Sgt. James Ralph Fassnacht would be the perfect fit. Sgt. Fassnacht began his law enforcement career as a campus police officer at Montclair State University ...
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Are you always connected or always distracted? By Melinda Inzani In our world today, electronic devices connect us to the Internet, emails, text messages, entertainment, and so much more. Juggling multiple streams of media for parents has become the norm. Whether it ...
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